unbound s/he: ejaculating beauty (an excerpt)

Aimee Herman

Aimee Herman during performance: ejaculating beauty

(excerpt from unbound s/he: ejaculating beauty)

I am thinking of a word for this.
Or maybe I can congest it into a sound.
Or a dance move.
Or interlude of intricate gestures.

Beyond gender.
Beyond categorical configurations.
Maybe I just don’t want to be figured out.

On Monday, I stick my whole fist into my vagina and feel around for what may be hidden up there.
I search for the SLASH.

On Tuesday, I dress my cunt up in streamers and lace like cotton-shaped birthday cake.
Clit like a candle, I blow out several times until it’s sore enough to grow lungs and demand a nap.

On Wednesday, I am boy or boy parts or masculine or uncertain.

On Thursday, I am Monday.

On Friday, I am Wednesday.

On Saturday and Sunday, I take turns, as the hours change, revelling in my inconsistencies.

My. Body. Weeps.

I gather the skin on my body like magical four leaf clovers found only from hours or weeks or decades of patient searching.

My closet is a schizophrenic approach to wardrobe.

I am mortar and pestle ground up nerves and identities and genders and sounds and needs and clarifications and blurs and words and poems.

I am queer, this word, this music, this distance between its beginnings—a past—to where it stands now—its present-led future.

I understand this.

* * *

What is left behind.
What is necessary to gather, stick in pockets, or throw away.

What can be should be needs to be celebrated?

…the memorization of inconsistencies…to be both or three quarters of one and a sprinkling of the other…to be unafraid of asking what pronoun is most necessary…to understand the importance and need to ask…a widening of this spectrum…of queerness…of experimental language and representation…the poetics of homo…the song of body reclaiming itself…a celebration of contrast, incongruent gender, and unstuck designations through…

the ejaculation of queer BEAUTY

Hot! Festival @ Dixon Place

Dixon Place Hot! Festival

Dixon Place Hot! Festival

Aimee Herman @ the Inspired Word

Friday, July 22nd at Dixon Place 161 Chrystie St. (between Rivington and Delancey) NYC

unbound s/he: ejaculating beauty
by Aimee Herman
What Makes You Think You’re the One
Created and Performed by Laryssa Husiak
Tickets: $15 / $12 (stu/sen)

unbound s/he: ejaculating beauty: Aimee Herman utilizes music, movement and language to translate the stories of one queer body as it unravels itself in patches of narration. unbound s/he: ejaculating beauty is a funny, sexy, and revealing portrayal of one particular journey through queerness, gender and the complications of labels.
What Makes You Think You’re the One: In a trio of live music videos, solo artist Laryssa Husiak explores the sexualization of women through repetitive thrusts and blank stares. Don’t worry, it’s not as ball-busting as it sounds: she is wearing a groovy swimsuit. The result is a ferocious dance party spun out of some classic tunes

Aimee Herman is a performative poet who has been featured at various NY venues such as Wow Cafe Theater, Sidewalk Cafe, and Happy Ending Lounge and reading series such as Sideshow: Queer Lit Carnival, The Red Umbrella Diaries, Hyper Gender, and In the Flesh erotic salon. She can be read in anthologies such as Best Women’s Erotica 2010 (Cleis Press), Nice Girls, Naughty Sex (Seal), hell strung and crooked (Uphook Press), and Focus on the Fabulous: Colorado GLBT Writers. Aimee can be found sucking up subway steam, searching for flames big enough to burn bras and unnecessary labels, and is highly turned on by black ink pilot pens, peanut butter, and half-sour pickles.

Laryssa Husiak is a performer and writer. She is an active member of Theater of a Two-Headed Calf and its Dyke Divison and Room for Cream – a live lesbian soap opera. Former collaborations include Taylor Mac’s Red Tide Blooming, Nick Brooke’s Border Towns and Red Terror Squad’s Family Bed. Her solo work has been performed throughout the city at venues such as Dixon Place, HERE and La MaMa.