give up on monogamy with another and begin solitary love affair with brain

emicrania cara

you followed me home last night
or more like the early morning
pounding yourself into me

raged and runny
you leaked expired rust throughout
my cerebral cortex

I am phonophobic now so how can I dance
instead I weave into musical notes of traffic
feel the weight of evening
hammer against skull
genetic, you

do I need to file a restraining order, migraine?

depression is organic like
kale &
rice flour

brain wants to know
where it derives from

gather loneliness like exotic lilies
notice the color of sad
bouquet of grey

there is really nothing wrong with calling
lock on front door:

I am not in the mood
for a pounding

instead, how about documenting the
alphabetics of lobes:

at least when you leave me
the rest of me will die too

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